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+919829370077 perfectbusiness2019@gmail.com Plot no 15 jamuna colony sikar road Jaipur-302023

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Our goal is to give users with an easy-to-use interface to assist you in understanding the technology. If you access our website http://techbusinessindia.com/ and connected partners, materials, content functionalities, features, or any other service provided by Techbusinessindia whether you are an unregistered or registered user, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service. Therefore, you should take a few minutes to read the terms of use described below.

The Techbusinessindia’s website as well as the training materials provided through the website, its products, and the content are the property of, maintained by and managed by the Techbusinessindia only. The content on the website products, services, and content are Company products and are the property of the Company.

Guidelines for using the terms & Services of the Website

  • • It is not permitted to make illegal use of this Website. You must accept the conditions of use.
  • • The website access is completely free to those who have website access. However, we will not be accountable for any costs deducted for website-related services hardware, software, or costs.
  • • The Company is not in any way responsible for any modifications to the content of the products and services, including but not limited to damages, errors or losses incurred by making use of our products, services or other resources.
  • • Techbusinessindia is not responsible for the issues and faults on the network or server over a certain limit.
  • • We strive to offer you with continuous, uninterrupted seamless service access however we aren't obligated to provide this service under any commitment.
  • • To use and access some portions on the Website you'll need to sign in to your account. The Company has the complete power to restrict or even stop accessibility to the services for anyone who is not adhering to these terms.

Terms & Condition

We respect your privacy as you do, which is why we're committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information. Your personal information that you share with us through our Website, Products or services is subject to Our Privacy Policies. We have the right to utilize the information you provide us directly or gathered through the nature of using our services, while ensuring your privacy in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We are respectful of our users' rights to the Intellectual Property and Copyright of other people and we expect of our users We respect the Copyright and Intellectual Property rights of others.

The content of the website is protected under the laws governing copyright and trademarks. The owners for the copyrights and trademarks is Techbusinessindia.com along with its affiliates and partners. The website's content comprising text, code, graphics, and software are the property of Techbusinessindia. No one is permitted to duplicate, alter, copy or distribute the contents in any manner.

We are not accountable for content found on other websites other than our partners and affiliates that which you may encounter using the products and services we offer. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of these sites govern the content on the websites.

You are not permitted to reproduce any image, text or logo on the site. To avoid any copyright concerns an authorization letter by the trademark creator is necessary. Techbusinessindia retains the right to ban users who violate and infringe on rights of the Techbusinessindia’s Intellectual property.

We are committed to respecting the laws governing copyright and intellectual property of other people, and similar respect and respect for other users. We can remove any information or the access to it on our site that we believe violates the copyright rights of others. If you find that your work was copied in any manner that could result in an violation on your intellectual rights rights or copyright laws, please notify us of the information required and we will take action in the same manner.

  • • Claim intellectual property the form of a digital or physical signature.
  • • The description of how the material you have claimed to be infringed is used on the website, in full.
  • • The description of your copyrighted piece which you claim to be the violation.
  • • The contact information, such as Email Address Contact Number and Address.
  • • A statement that declares that the information you provide is true and that the copyright claim you submit represents the rights owner.
  • • You can also contact Techbusinessindia directly to inform us of your copyright, intellectual property claim

It is necessary to complete an order to purchase the item or the service. It is mandatory to adhere to certain conditions and terms when making a purchase with Techbusinessindia which include:

  • • If you wish to complete an online transaction through Techbusinessindia’s site, then you must be able to purchase the merchandise or services.
  • • You must pay attention to the payment details like tax and bill details, as well as discounts.
  • • To look over your purchase or transactions history, review the invoice.
  • • Certain products might require your agreement further Terms and conditions before you can make the purchase.

We do not offer any type of warranty for any of the products or services offered on our website. Techbusinessindia reserves the right to modify or change the product products, limit their amount or refuse to provide the service to anyone at any time without prior notice.